Paulownia Trees

Sterile and hybrid paulownia trees for sale with the best performance in Europe.

Paulownia trees

Our paulownia trees for sale are a patented trademark variety that have been over 10 years under development to ensure best quality and performance. Our paulownia trees are hybrid clones. Therefore, sterile trees that do not affect the local flora. They are not GMO modified. A cross selection between 2 species of paulownias (P. Elongata x P. Fortunei) was made and a mother plant was chosen to be reproduced and multipled. This ensures the same growth performance on all of the trees, providing an homogeneous plantation in both the growth and quality of the wood.

Our paulownia trees are carefully cultivated in our laboratory. It is the largest invitro laboratory in Spain and the second largest in Europe. We offer a hybrid interspecific clone of paulownia Elongata x paulownia Fortunei with a registered trademark variety: Cotevisa 2®. CPVO registry number: 2007/1679. THE MULTIPLICATION OF THIS CLONE IS COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN.

Although we have developed other clones, the main reason why we promote this specific Hybrid paulownia clone Cotevisa 2® is due to its timber quality. All neccesary timber studies have been performed and we are certain to be promoting paulownia trees for sale that provide premium paulownia timber.

If you are looking for high quality paulownia trees for sale to make your own forestry investment project, please contact us to request a quote or further information.