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Our Story is all about sustainable paulownia timber production and the exciting opportunities available to investors through our managed paulownia timber production plantations.

iPaulownia was created to exploit market demand for timber. With an expert team of agricultural, energy, environmental and forestry professionals, European leaders and pioneers in professionally managed sustainable paulownia timber production plantations across Europe, we offer an unrivalled support framework for our sustainable paulownia timber production projects. Together, we are driving towards our main objective of supplying demand for paulownia timber, a timber variety with unique characteristics.

Current demand for paulownia timber far exceeds supply and the deficit on the supply side shows no signs of abating for years to come, a notion supported by industry forecasts. in a new tab)

Key to our strategy is our European Paulownia Network of partners and associates in the paulownia timber production market. With clear evidence of ongoing successful paulownia timber production plantations across Europe, we demonstrate a proven track record as paulownia industry leaders.

iPaulownia’s strategy is to promote ethical, cash generative timber investments. We aim to deliver double-digit percentage growth for both investors and farmers, irrespective of wider financial market gyrations. We do this by focusing in niche areas, committing ourselves to a vision, as well as striking long term relationships with like minded investors.

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So; What do we offer investors? 

We offer professionally managed paulownia timber production plantations with their own legal identity. We facilitate timber investment in a flexible way.  We source suitable land and provide a complete management service including land preparation, irrigation, planting and full care of the plantation through to cropping and delivering the timber to the market. The investor can select a plan to suit their appetite: the size of the paulownia timber plantation; number of trees and duration of the investment.

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And; What do we offer farmers? 

We offer more than 15 years of experience in the paulownia timber production market with a first-class registered paulownia hybrid. We offer full support and technical know-how through-out the paulownia timber production cycle and an exit strategy for their timber production upon harvesting, offering best prices on the market

Whether you are an investor or a farmer interested in paulownia, contact us for more information. We would love to hear about your paulownia thoughts!

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