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Paulownia Timber, Paulownia Trees and Timber Investments

iPaulownia is at the centre of an exciting paulownia production and sustainable timber investment project throughout Europe.

Whether you are interested in buying high performing paulownia trees to create your very own sustainable timber plantation or are looking to buy paulownia timber from a specialised supplier, iPaulownia is your one stop paulownia web shop.

iPaulownia not only supplies high quality paulownia hybrid trees and paulownia timber for sale but also offers the opportunity of investing into managed and tailor made paulownia plantations with a quality certificated paulownia variety that commands the best prices in the marketplace for the investor.

If sustainable timber investment is part of your portfolio investment plan, click here and register now.

If you are looking to create your own plantation and wish to purchase our specific registered quick growing sterile hybrid paulownia clone, do not hesitate to contact us for our farming partnerships. We buy back your Cotevisa 2® crop!