Sustainable paulownia timber plantations

iPaulownia - Sustainable Forestry

At iPaulownia we focus in promoting and managing sustainable paulownia timber plantations. Based in Spain, we have administrative and operational offices in the UK, Germany, Poland, Greece and Spain. We provide sustainable managed paulownia timber plantations investment to anyone interested in making a serious commitment to the environment as well as receiving a tidy profit.

Together with our investment community, we form the largest network of paulownia timber plantations across Europe.

iPaulownia was created to exploit market demand for paulownia timber. With an expert team of agricultural, energy, environmental and forestry professionals, European leaders and pioneers in managed paulownia timber plantations across Europe, we offer an unrivalled support framework for our sustainable paulownia timber plantations project. Together, we are driving towards our main objective: supplying demand for paulownia timber, a timber variety with unique characteristics.

We are inviting investors and farmers to become involved with this fantastic opportunity with assured returns and we believe our offerings will appeal to a wide range of clients from individual investors to substantial funds.

paulownia cotevisa 2 - iPaulownia

Although paulownia grows in many areas around the Planet NOT all paulownia is the same or suitable for every set of environmental conditions. 

We have successfully produced and patented a trademark protected variety, over 10 years in development, which by far outperforms any other paulownia variety that grows within our European weather and climate conditions. Our patented hybrid paulownia Clone is cultivated for excellent timber quality to enhance its value as a quality paulownia timber investment.

We produce and cultivate a fast growing, superior quality paulownia variety that commands premium prices in the marketplace and maximise a profitable exit strategy.