Our Hybrid Paulownia tree Cotevisa 2®

paulownia cotevisa 2 - iPaulownia

Is a patented, sterile and non invasive hybrid clone of paulownia elongata x paulownia fortunei which has unique and outstanding growth characteristics, quality timber and strong weather resistance.

Multiplied by invitro reproduction, each paulownia plant offered is a photocopy of the previous one. All plants come from the same Mother plant, keeping its genetic and guaranteeing a homogeneity in both the development and the quality of the product.

Although paulownia grows in many areas around the World NOT all paulownias are the same or suitable for every set of environmental conditions.

paulownia cotevisa 2 - iPaulownia

Our biological and agro science team have successfully produced and patented a trademark protected variety, over 10 years in development, which by far outperforms any other paulownia variety that grows within our European weather and climate conditions.

Our registered hybrid paulownia clone is cultivated for excellent timber quality to enhance its value as a quality timber investment and paulownia plantation.